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Photos: credits with each image
Evening at Geitrygghytta during the 2 day hut-to-hut tour.                                                   Photo: Gerry Gosling
Returning to Finse on the second day of the 2 day tour.                                                  Photo: Gerry Gosling
Track skiing at Geilo, developing travelling techniques.                     Photo: Bonny Masson
Skiing off the Hardanger Icecap, the last day finale! Photo: Bonny Masson
Arriving back at Finse at the end of the 2 day tour, the Hardanger Icecap beyond.              Photo: Gerry Gosling
On the piste at Geilo, enjoying improved downhill techniques.                                   Photo: Gerry Gosling
Part of the ski area at Geilo, perfect for downhill development - and fun!             Photo: John Eames
Finding a dramatic, but easy!, way through the Hallingsskarvet range; day 2 of the 2 day tour.
Photo: Graham Hammond
Enjoying a downhill in the tracks at Geilo.
Photo: John Eames
Day tour on the plateau above Geilo.
Photo Graham Hammond
The luxury of the ride up ... and looking forward to the run down! Geilo ski area.
Photo: Gerry Gosling
Typical April snow conditions - the 2 day tour.
Photo: Gerry Gosling
On the station platform at Finse! Photo: Gerry Gosling
Home for the night on the 2 day tour: snug, warm and hospitable                             Photo: Gerry Gosling
Dinner with a view at the Geilo hotel. Photo: Gerry Gosling
The 2 day tour - ideal touring terrain for all.
Photo: Gerry Gosling
Making plans ... and chilling out! At the lodge at Finse.         Photo: Gerry Gosling
The Hardanger Icecap in the setting sun - the 'not bad' view from your dinner table!
Photo: Graham Hammond
Sleeping accommodation at Finse.
Photo Gerry Gosling