HINTERTUX: 'All Terrain' & 'Advanced Skills' ski courses
The Telemark Ski Company
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PHOTOS: John Eames
Andrew Denton revelling in fresh powder high on the Hintertux glacier, November 2007
November off-piste; Greg Bartnik leaves his mark in the snow ...
View from our accommodation in Hintertux village towards the ski area on the glacier (Nov. '07)
"Tux, Tux, Hintertux ..." Skiing is thirsty work ...!?
A  small part of the glacier ski area seen from the top of the cable-car
Yes - another image of November conditions at Hintertux! Early season 'freshies', Nov. 2008. Pete Williams performing.
The ride up from the valley to the ski area; typical November conditions with snow to the valley floor.
Stephen Hepworth enjoys the first run of the day from the top cable-car station.
If you want fresh tracks - get there first, in November!
Committment and focus - Andrew Denton takes on the off-piste at Hintertux
Greg Bartnik cuts it up ...
Hintertux village seen from the first stage of the gondola up to the glacier; Nov. '07
Gerry Gosling on perfect piste - and with rather a nice background!