LA THUILE: 'All Terrain' & 'Off-piste
                           Adventure' courses
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PHOTOS: see credits
April 'Off-piste Adventure' week: anticipating and ready to start  the almost 1000m vertical and fresh tracks.                                                                        Photo: John Eames Late April at La Thuile (Piccolo San Bernardo area): 'All Terrain' course with excellent snow cover, perfect Spring snow and the place to yourself.                Photo: John Eames
'All Terrain' week in February  - perfect  conditions for quick learning and loads of enjoyment. Photo: John Eames
Feb '09 'All Terrain' group doing their tele stuff ...
Photo: Graham Hammond
An 'All Terrain' group enjoying great snow, huge views & being 'above the clouds' Photo: John Eames

LEFT: La Thuile village in April (!).
Photo: Andrew Cook

RIGHT: Great off-piste conditions during an 'All Terrain' week, La Rosiere            Photo: tbc
The stuff of dreams!? The reality of La Thuile 'Off-piste Adventure'             Photo: Piero Ruffino The best way to end a great day!?
Photo: John Eames
Forclaz, Belvedere and Piccolo areas              Photo: John Eames
Steeps in the trees - April 'Off-piste Adventure'; Bonny Masson shows how Photo: John Eames
'All Terrain' week: ideal for those first teles.                          Photo: John Eames
Ref. photo top left of this page: this is the run down! Andrea Moffatt enjoys!
Photo: John Eames
Deep powder tree sking, mid-April! 'Off-piste Adventure' week                                                           Photo: John Eames
Typical La Thuile 'All Terrain' terrain (!) - perfect!                           Photo: John Eames
Finishing one of the long off-piste runs - April 'Off-piste Adventure' Photo: John Eames
'All Terrain' week - view over part of the ski area.                                   Photo: John Eames
3rd week of April, North face of Valaisan, 'fresh tracks' .... an 'Off-piste Adventure' Photo: Piero Ruffino
April conditions on the 'Piccolo' with Mt Blanc beyond              Photo: John Eames
Steep and deep on the April 'Off-piste Adventure'
Photo: John Eames
Neil Macpherson enjoys the fresh stuff on an 'All Terrain' week; 'Piccolo' area.                                                         Photo: John Eames 'Off-piste Adventure' powder in the trees.
Photo: John Eames