Nordic hut-to-hut ski tour
The Telemark Ski Company
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Photos: Graham Hammond, except those by Stefan Janik/Lisa King where indicated
Day 1: heading for the hills ...
Above & below: great terrain and great snow
Day 6: finding a way through the Hallinskarvet
The sun does not always shine!
Sunset on the Hardanger Icecap at Finse
Final night at Finse - the view from the dining table of the Hardanger Icecap
Sitting out a snow squall
Day 6: approaching the Kyrkkedori, the dramatic, but straightforward route through to Finse
Great places for a night's stop
DIY arrangements at a self-service hut; warm, dry, everything is there and you've carried next to nothing!
Cosy sleeping at one of the self-service huts - getting to know your fellow skiers!!
Photo Stefan Janik/Lisa King
Enjoying waitress service at one of the staffed huts
Photo Stefan Janik/Lisa King
Photo: Stefan Janik/Lisa King
The surrounding photos here capture the character of this tour: wide open spaces, few people, interesting terrain (but not too 'interesting'!) - a great region to journey across for a very satisfying and enjoyable tour.
Photo: Stefan Janik/Lisa King